Bislett Summit 2014 Electrical Vehicle Conference

If you are not familiar with the Bislett Summit, then it is probably best described as the event where all the partners in the European electric car industry get together to compare notes and exchange ideas.

The Electrical Vehicle Union

The Electrical Vehicle Union, also called the EVU, put on this year’s event in March and EC Charging were pleased to be among the attendees. The summit was held in Bislett, which is a small suburb of the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

Overall, the idea of the summit is to strengthen cooperation among the major players in the European green transportation world. However, it is far from a fluffy event and many of the activities and symposia are designed to actually sharpen competition between the most established operators in the market. The EVU has both members and partners and each is afforded the opportunity to state its case and to have its voice heard. The organisation’s mission is to help to establish a profitable business future for renewable energy in mainstream transportation, so recharging products fit perfectly with an agenda like that.

The Bislett Summit 2014

The year’s summit was attended not just by innovative car manufacturers and charging station product specialists, but was backed by government departments from across European states as well as a significant number of transportation focussed non-governmental organisations. The focus of the summit was to investigate and discuss in an open forum how infrastructure can be improved for drivers who are engaged with the green agenda, to make things more convenient for them. Topics that came up included user incentives and how governments can to make strategic decisions that will speed up growth of the electric vehicle market which remains nascent in many parts of the EU. Theresa Keady, Chief Executive Officer of EC Charging, gave a well-received presentation about smart street charging solutions for electric vehicles.