Decision on the Maximum Resale Price For Electric Car Charging Stations

EC Charging Electric Car Charging stations

Michael Coe from OLEV has passed on the good news that OFGEM has announced the outcome of the consultation on the resale price of electricity and its applicability to the electric car infrastructure market.  The results is what we were hoping for  – which is that the maximum retail price (MRP) won’t apply to electricity sold through electric car charge points.  This is great news for both the domestic customer and electric car charge point manufacturers as it alleviates concerns that if the MRP provisions did not apply to the resale of electricity from electric vehicles charge points this could act as a barrier to the growth of electric vehicle charge point infrastructure.

The full announcement can be reached via the following site:
Quoting from the site:

This letter sets out our decision that the Maximum Resale Price (MRP) provisions do not apply to the resale of electricity from charge points for use by electric vehicles (EVs). We expect this clarification to alleviate concerns that the MRP could act as a barrier to the commercial expansion of charge points. It is also consistent with the exclusion of the resale of gas for use in the propulsion of a motor vehicle by the Gas Act 1986.

The amendments to the MRP provisions take effect from 11 April 2014.