Electric Car Charging Units go from Strength to Strength

Electric car charging will be soon be commonplace, and drivers are looking for convenient and reliable facilities to fulfill all their requirements. EC Charging are renowned market leaders in the field of advanced electric vehicle charging. We have our own network, and lead the way in cutting-edge design, manufacture and installation of electric car charging units.

With twenty years-plus experience in the associated areas of automation, IT and electronics, we offer an outstanding choice and flexibility. Our electric car charging maintenance is highly efficient, compact, and simple to operate. The stations can be mounted to the wall or ground, or custom designed to individual requirements. You can choose to just purchase a charging unit or a comprehensive turnkey solution which consists of commissioning, installation, and maintenance.

EC Charging’s ‘Open Charge Point Protocol’
EC Charging’s ‘Open Charge Point Protocol’ embedded communication system generates connection to all back office systems that are compliant with this protocol. Our design and architecture of the charging stations, installation, protocol and maintenance, are fully compliant with the strict UK government and EU specification standards, and rigorous safety regulations.

Due to our creativity and dependability, EC Charging have gained EU recognition, and forged partnerships with government agencies, energy providers, businesses and local councils. We have also gleaned a number of prestigious awards in our role of electric car charging manufacture and electric car charging maintenance. These include being classed as an accredited Low Emissions Vehicle manufacturer of EV charging stations. We are also recorded as establishing the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment UK trade association.
EC Charging Electric Car Charging Units
With EC Charging’s immensely exciting, sustainable reliable technology, and the government’s drive to meet proposed UK and EU clean fuel green energy targets; in the near future, all drivers will have the convenience of refuelling their e-car at home, work, or anywhere else!

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