Why Electric Cars are Becoming so Popular

There are numerous reasons why people are increasingly turning to electric cars, but one of their biggest appeals is their benefit to the environment. The world is slowly waking up to the fact that the future of our planet is dependent on us finding ways to reduce pollution.

Currently, around a third of greenhouse gases come from transportation and that’s simply something that cannot continue.


Low Emissions Vehicles

Government departments such as the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles are working tirelessly to raise awareness of electric vehicles and their efforts now appear to be capturing the public’s imagination.

Earlier this year, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced plans to spend £500 million between 2015 and 2020 on assisting drivers with buying and feeling confident in electric vehicles.

The move will create hundreds of new jobs, support a significant increase in charging points and, perhaps most importantly, reduce emissions.

It follows on from a £37 million commitment to installing charging points at hospitals, stations and roads made last summer by then transport minister Norman Baker.

The Lack of Electric Car Charging Stations

A lack of places to charge vehicles is often cited by detractors of the electronic motor sector as a reason to continue with petrol and diesel-powered cars, but their view is being changed by the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles as it rolls out rapid chargers at motorway service stations and 500 other UK sites.

As well as the environmental benefits, electric cars are also much more cost effective to run. Grants are available towards their purchase and the installation of home charging points while the cost per mile significantly reduced.

Indeed, figures from the Energy Saving Trust state that running an average petrol or diesel car costs around 16 per mile, while for electric vehicles the figure is just 2 to 3p. They are also exempt from road tax and congestion charges.

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