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Electric Car Charging Stations - EC Charging

EC Charging specialises in the development of advance electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.  We produce a complete range of electric car charging equipment which enables us to provide our customers with  safe, reliable and convenient charging solutions that caters for all of today’s electric car charging requirements.

The EC Charging team combines over twenty years experience in the automation, electronics and IT sector.  Our innovative designs and cutting edge technology has enabled us to achieve our present position as market leader in the field of EV charging equipment.

EC Charging stations comply with all UK and European Specification standards. Our embedded communication system is OCPP (Open charge Point Protocol) enabled which allows it to connect to all OCPP compliant back office systems. Offering our customers choice and flexibility our services range from supply only to a complete turnkey solution including installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our commitment to innovation and reliability has contributed in the development of strategic partnerships with energy providers, government agencies, local authorities and businesses.  Working alongside the motor industry to aid the process of introducing new EV’s to the market has granted EC Charging European recognition.

EC Charging has been granted OLEV (Office Low Emissions Vehicle) approval as a recognised supplier of electric car charging stations to the UK market. We are founding members of the UK EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) trade association.

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For further information or to discuss your project specific needs, please contact us on 0203 936 4558 or contact us by email.