The Electric Vehicle Union (EVU)

Electric Vehicle Union Partners - EC Charging

The Electric Vehicle Union (EVU) aims to be the most influential network for the promotion of adoption and perseverance of electric mobility around the globe.  Its purpose is to strengthen cooperation and sharpen competition between the best players on the market. Their mission is to help establish a profitable future business for e-mobility on renewable energy. The foundation will do this alongside its partners and stakeholders, who are among the most successful, innovative and influential actors in the global Electric Vehicle (EV) community.

EC Charging became a partner of EVU in March 2014.

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Bislett Summit 2014

EC Charging recently attended the Bislett Summit 2014 in Oslo organised by the EVU.

The purpose of the Summit was to investigate and discuss how to improve infrastructure, convenience and user incentives, and how to make decisions to speed up the Electric Vehicle market.

Bislett Summit Event Video