How Electric Car Charging Stations Work

EC Charging’s Electric Car Charging Stations identify the customer, open the charging station and transfer grid power to the vehicle.


    • Twin Charger supplies 16 amp or 32 amp loads or a combination of both allowing two cars to be charged simultaneously from one terminal. Type 2 socket, Mode 3.


    • EC Charging Tag (RFID) proximity card allows a customer safe and secure access to the terminal authorises payment, and starts the charging session.


    • The LED Display is easily identifiable and ensures the exterior lighting is visible from a distance which indicates if the charger is free (green), in use (blue) or out of order (red).


    • Intelligent Metering for energy metering in accordance with the MID (Measurement Instrument Directive).


    • Stainless Steel Casing ensuring durability and reliability.


    • Residual Current Protection RCD Type A or Type B (optional) ensures optimum safety and compliance with international safety standards and, because of its Type B option qualities, and it has been awarded the Renault ZE Ready Certification.


  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) defines a European wide communications standard for chargepoints to communicate with central or network systems. The current OCPP standard is version 1.5, which is incorporated in our current range.


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